An Idea

A simple idea for adamant supporters of the bond. An opportunity to stand by their principles.

Make a tax deductible gift of money to the school district in the amount equivalent to what they would have paid in property taxes for this one school bond. A formula, with an example, for a reasonable estimate is described below.

$317,400,000 Bond principal
$100,005,000 Interest+fees
$417,405,000 Total bond cost to taxpayers

$23,717,350,000 Total district assessed value (AV) for 2020
$417,405,000 / $23,717,350,000 * 1000 =
17.60 Bond tax rate [$ per $1,000 AV]

Example home as of 2020
$500,000 AV
500 * 17.6 = $8,800 Total tax payments over the bond’s payback period that would have been due. Bond supporters can make it a monetary gift directly to the school district.