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School Bond Pros and Cons

The Everett School District (SD) had a $317M school bond on the August 4th, 2020 ballot. The measure failed to receive the 60% approval threshold. This website focused on the pros and cons. Quotes and links were provided to the Everett SD’s vast assemblage of school bond information on its website. At the same time, a rigorous effort was made here by the author to provide con arguments. The author encouraged voters to review the different arguments, review the data links, review the voters’ pamphlet, ask questions, and to then make an informed decision.

An idea for adamant supporters of the bond. Calculate what you would have paid in taxes for this one bond and gift it directly to the school district. See the formula.

A spreadsheet has been created by the author to assist the public and current and future school board members to better understand:
the possibility of using Capital Levies instead of Capital Bonds,
how school taxes (local and state) have risen sharply over the last few years and are expected (by design) to continue to rapidly increase in the years ahead,
how the district is planning to pile up bond debt for future generations if left unabated.

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